Favorite animal(s)?: Zebra, Great Danes
Favorite TV show?: House
Favorite candy?: Sprees
Favorite drink?: Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist
Favorite food?: Orange Chicken and anything off the Taco bell menu
Favorite eye color?: Blue
Favorite hair color?: Brown?
Favorite height?: tall
Favorite book?: Go Ask Alice
Favorite song?: "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH3!
Favorite thing to do?: Go to concerts
Favorite clothing?: anything from PacSun
Favorite music genre?: whatever All Time Low is
Favorite school subject?: Art
Favorite website?: Facebook and (:
Favorite name?: Clarissa
Favorite celebrity?: tie between James Franco and James McAvoy
Favorite sport?: wii tennis (:
Favorite car?: idk
Favorite saying?: idk
Favorite shoes?: any flats
Favorite color?: blue
Favorite dream?: dreams where i get everything i want, hah.
Favorite time of day?: afternoon
Favorite gf/bf you ever had?: Shelby probably, even though I can't stand him now!
Favorite game?: wii fit!
Favorite nickname?: AshCa$h (angie's for me)
Favorite country?: France/USA
Favorite vacation spot?: California
Favorite holiday?: Christmas
Favorite store?: Rue 21, Forever 21, and PacSun
Favorite month?: June and July
Favorite kind of weather?: luke warm
Favorite thing about you?: my ability to make everything a little more awkward
Favorite singer/band?: Mayday Parade and All Time Low
Favorite restaurant?: Red Robin
Least favorite animal(s)?: Llamas
Least favorite TV show?: 90210
Least favorite candy?: Reces Pieces
Least favorite drink?: Whiskey
Least favorite food?: spaghetti and meatballs
Least favorite eye color?: brown i guess
Least favorite hair color?: grey?
Least favorite height?: 5'6'' (my height)
Least favorite book?: Why Americans Hate Politics
Least favorite song?: "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa
Least favorite thing to do?: to not be doing something
Least favorite clothing?: things from WalMart.
Least favorite music genre?: Classical
Least favorite school subject?: French IV
Least favorite website?: xanga
Least favorite name?: Shelby probably
Least favorite celebrity?: Morgan Freeman
Least favorite sport?: hockey
Least favorite car?: 1993 corsica
Least favorite saying?: "you get what you get and you dont throw a fit"
Least favorite shoes?: rain boots
Least favorite color?: orange
Least favorite dream?: nightmares
Least favorite time of day?: morning
Least favorite gf/bf you ever had?: tie between Conner and Levi
Least favorite game?: War
Least favorite nickname?: AshTray
Least favorite country?: America
Least favorite vacation spot?: here
Least favorite holiday?: st.patrick's day
Least favorite store?: WalMart
Least favorite month?: january
Least favorite kind of weather?: cold and wet and dark and foggy
Least favorite thing about you?: my ability to make everything a little bit more awkward
Least favorite singer/band?: Lady GaGa.
Least favorite restaurant?: Big Boy
Milk or water?: Water. although both are sick
Blondes, red-heads, or brunettes?: brunettes
TV or video games?: wii !
Yellow or black?: black
Grapes or oranges?: oranges!
Write music or sing music?: sing music
Mom or Dad?: dad
George Bush or Bill Clinton?: Bill
Christmas or Halloween?: Christmas
Fries or onion rings?: fries
Money or love?: money
Oprah or Dr. Phil?: Dr. Phil
Jeep or sportscar?: sports car
Cats or dogs?: dogs
Models or stripers?: models
MTV or VH1?: MTV--VH1 in the morning
California or New York?: CALIFORNIA!
Yahoo or Google?: Google
Fear Factor or Ripleys Believe It or Not?: Fear Factor
Blue or pink?: Blue
Chips or cookies?: Cookies
Math or history?: History
Summer or Spring?: Summer
Rock or rap?: Rock
Jeans or shorts?: Jeans!
What is your name?: Ashley
What is your age?: 17
If you could have any one wish what would it be?: end world hunger?
What is your sexual orientation?: straight
Are you obsessed with anything?: guys
What is one guilty pleasure of yours?: myspace/facebook
If you could live anywhere where would you want to live?: the east coast
Do you want to go to college?: Western (:
What animal is mostly like your personality?: sloth?
Do you like scary movies?: yes
What scares you the most?: scary movies..
What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?: snuck out..? went out with stupid guys
Do you like your parents?: sometimes
What's the best gift you've ever received?: my car/taylor swift concert tickets/dove necklace from janna
How many languages can you speak?: 1 1/2
What is your religion?: Christian
Would you ever get a nose piercing?: nope, probably not
What is a big turn off to you?: greese
Do you believe in the death penalty?: no
Are you a girl or boy?: girl
What is your favorite attribute of a girl/boy?: smile/eyes
Do you like the current president?: idk yet
Would you ever want to run for president?: no way
Do you reguarly read magazines?: yes! i love Cosmo
Do you believe in fate/destiny?: I believe we make our own
Do you believe in soul mates?: No
What mood are you mostly in?: good
Are you very religious?: not very, but i want to be
Do you have your own place?: noooo
Would you dye your hair?: i only have 6,000 times
What kind of person would you prefer not to be around?: annoying
Do you like Opera?: nooooo
How tall are you?: 5'6''
What turns you on the most?: ahhhhaha.
Do you like school?: most of the time
What do you want to be?: a teacher or a manager
What is your hair color?: brown/black
Do you want to have children?: in a long time
What's the nicest thing you've ever done?: be nice
Do you think the elderly should be treated with respect?: yeah, unless they're mean
Do you believe in a hell and heaven?: yeah
Do you believe in evolution?: no
Do you enjoy Halloween?: yeah
Do you have any siblings?: 5
How many e-mail accounts do you have?: about 20
Have you ever tried drugs?: pills
Do you have a job?: PSP
What is your eye color?: blue
Do you write with your left hand or right hand?: right
What is your biggest pet peeve?: chomping
Have you ever tried any alcoholic beverage?: yeah
Would you ever get a tattoo?: yeah
Do you want to get married?: yeah
Do you wish for world peace?: sure
Do you think money can buy love?: probably
Do you like war?: nooo
Do you like ketchup?: no
Do you eat with your left hand or right hand?: right
Do you like mustard?: yes
Do you like your life?: yes!
What is a word that you say too often?: "mmkay" and "gay"
Have you ever bullied someone?: probably
Do you like to watch oldy movies?: yeah
How would you describe your personality?: lame?

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